Blue Apron verkauft Produktion für $50 Mio. an FreshRealm

Bei den Mealkit-Anbietern bleibt es turbulent. Demnach will Blue Apron jetzt in der Not das Tafelsilber verkaufen und die Produktion und die Logistik für 50 Mio. Dollar an FreshRealm übergeben, das bereits Fertiggerichte für Blue Apron produziert:

“Blue Apron Announces Plans to Shift to an Asset-Light Model Through the Transfer of Operational Infrastructure to FreshRealm

At the closing of the transaction, Blue Apron would transfer its operational infrastructure to FreshRealm, including fulfillment centers, equipment, know-how and personnel.

In consideration of the transaction, Blue Apron expects to issue to FreshRealm warrants in an amount equal to 19.9% of the company’s then-outstanding common stock with an exercise price of $.01 per share on the closing date of the transaction.”

Vergleiche dazu auch die Meldung von FreshRealm, das Blue Apron damit quasi übernimmt:

“FreshRealm Strengthens Leadership Position in U.S. Fresh Meals Category with Significant Investment in Facilities and Infrastructure

“The investments in facilities and infrastructure are part of our company’s strategic growth, which we announced during our most recent $200m capital raise in July 2022,” said Michael Lippold, Founder & CEO of FreshRealm.

“FreshRealm is the only fresh meals provider to deliver a national platform that simplifies how fresh ready-to-heat, ready-to-cook and meal kits are delivered through the supply chain and brought to consumers’ tables.”

FreshRealm partners with leading retailers nationwide; currently including Amazon Fresh, Blue Apron, Everytable, Kroger, Publix, Marley Spoon, Meijer and Walmart to deliver customized meal solutions.”

Mit dem Deal könnte sich Blue Apron, das schon länger am Abgrund steht, also nochmal etwas Zeit verschaffen.

Siehe im Vergleich dazu auch die jüngsten Pläne von Marley Spoon (“Marley Spoon soll für 115 Mio. € an 468 SPAC II gehen”).

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  1. Blue Apron ist noch vor Marley Spoon kein Pennystock mehr – Exciting Commerce

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