In eigener Sache: Der andere Blick auf die Branche

Was wäre Exciting Commerce ohne seine Fürsprecher! Seit dreieinhalb Jahren überträgt Jason Soo die spannendsten ExCom-Beiträge ins Englische. Doch noch nie gab es für das Blog auch international soviel öffentlichen Zuspruch wie in diesem Jahr:

"Exciting Commerce combines news, analysis and metrics better than any I've seen."

Besonders freut uns Lob, wenn es im Kern das trifft, was uns am Herzen liegt – wie CorraTech-COO Michael Harvey diese Woche in seinem Blog:

"One of my favorite bloggers and analysts in the eCommerce realm is Jochen Krisch. Not only does his blog, Exciting Commerce (supported by a team of smart colleagues), seem to scoop more stories than most other observers of the eCommerce industry, it also provides cogent and often non-obvious analysis of key industry milestones.

The blog is published in German and then translated (generally very well) into English, so that the English language entries lag their release in German by a few days.

Nevertheless, I learn more about the industry by following Jochen than any other commentator I can think of. (Unfortunately, my high school German is not up to reading him in the original.) The fact that he is European and casts his eye globally adds a depth of coverage often lacking in US based commentators."

Vielen Dank für die freundlichen Worte!

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