Illamasqua: Hut Group schnappt sich nächste Beauty-Marke

Wie baue ich mir ein Beauty-Imperium? The Hut Group gibt weiter Gas und meldet nur wenige Wochen nach Espa, RY und Glossybox (“Auch Glossybox geht an The Hut Group nach England”) die nächste Übernahme (“Hut Group continues spending spree with Illamasqua cult beauty brand”):

Illamasqua will join the Hut Group’s growing stable of beauty brands that already includes Glossybox, Mio Skincare, Grow Gorgeous and

Hut Group founder and chief executive Matthew Moulding said that he expected the company’s beauty division to account for around 75pc of total sales next year as growth was outstripping its former star nutrition brand MyProtein.”

Und erstmals gibts auch ein paar Hinweise zur Akquisitionsstrategie im Beautybereich:

“Mr Moulding said that there was a dedicated team of nine staff who were constantly on the look out for new deals but the company would only purchase a business they were confident they could grow to be “ten times bigger”.

“We take a five year view on acquisitions and have big targets which makes us very different to private equity, otherwise there’s no point in doing them,” he said.”

Um die Hut Group gehts auch in den aktuellen Exchanges #181 (“Douglas vs. The Hut Group). Auch Kassenzone hat The Hut Group gerade erst unter die Lupe genommen (“The Hut Group im Zukunfts-Check der Kassenzone”).

Farfetch und The Hut Group wurden gerade in England als Wachstumstreiber ausgezeichnet.

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