Amazon Treasure Trucks starten in London und Manchester

Nach 25 US-Metropolen rollt Amazon seine Treasure Trucks für exklusive Überraschungsaktionen nun auch sehr zügig international aus (via) und startet damit zunächst in England (“Amazon’s Treasure Truck set to pop up in select UK cities, offering customers a new way to shop for must-have products”):

“Treasure Truck will initially pop up in Manchester and London several times a month, featuring one carefully selected goody at a time. Each offer is a surprise and customers will have to act fast to get their mitts on the kit, with only limited stock on the truck. After customers purchase the product in the Amazon app, they then select a convenient time and place to pick up the item at the truck.”

“With Treasure Truck tootling into further UK cities soon, customers can sign up now by texting ‘truck’ to 87377. When the truck is ready to drive into town, they will receive a text alert spilling the beans on that day’s treasure.”

Die Treasure Trucks waren 2016 gestartet (“Wenn Amazon Hunderte von Treasure Trucks losschickt”), haben im Februar ihr Einjähriges gefeiert und waren danach sehr schnell landesweit ausgerollt worden (“Die Amazon Treasure Trucks jetzt bereits in 25 US-Metropolen”).

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