Extras: Apple E-Commerce Patente, Facebook Credits, Groupon

Einige weitere spannende E-Commerce-News aus den vergangenen Tagen:

Apple Patente
Von Apple angemeldete Patente deuten auf kommende Reise- und E-Commerce-Applikationen für iPhone bzw. iOS hin. Patently Apple hat sich die Patente zur Reise-Applikation und zur E-Commerce-Applikation ausführlich angeschaut. Mashable spekuliert über die möglichen Auswirkungen.

"How great would it be, for instance, if you could be alerted when you favorite store got in some pants or tops in your size? As hard as it is to believe, many retailers still handle online merchandise and retail store merchandise in completely different divisions. "


Facebook Credits
Shawn Foust vom Anwaltsbüro Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton LLP berichtet auf Venturebeat ausführlich über die Bedingungen und Bestimmungen bei den Facebook Credits, der Hauswährung des größten Social Networks der Welt.

"So why not walk away from Facebook Credits? Well, it’s a payment option that resides natively on your lifeline platform. I’m not going out on a limb in guessing that Facebook Credits will quickly develop into a robust and flexible payment services option that will play an important role in the social game ecosystem. You probably don’t want to walk away from that."

TechCrunch hat Groupon-CEO Andrew Mason interviewt. Mason über Konkurrenz von Google und Amazon:

"Asked about the possible entry of Google into the market, Mason facetiously responded, “Google, Oh My God!”. And Mason said that Amazon (and Woot, which it recently acquired) were primarily focused on consumer products, while Groupon caters more to local businesses."

Interessant ist auch, was Andrew Mason über Facebook zu sagen hat:

"Asked about advertising on Facebook versus Google, Mason said that six months ago Facebook was often cheaper. However, that’s changing. Mason explained that in the past, when he wasn’t really focused on the Silicon Valley scene, he would look at Facebook’s valuations and not really see how it could warrant them — but now that he’s an advertiser on Facebook, he thinks “they’re going to be worth a lot of money”."

In einem weiteren Artikel versucht Alexia Tsotsis von TechCrunch, das Prinzip Groupon in allgemeine Aussagen zu überführen.

Social Currency CrunchUp
Ebenfalls online sind alle Videos vom Techcrunch Social Currency CrunchUp

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