Catch of the Day Update: VCs zahlen 80 Mio. Dollar für 40%

Eine der spannendsten E-Commerce-Investments des Jahres ("US-Investoren bewerten Catch of the Day mit 200 Mio. Dollar") kommt aus Australien. The Australian hat lesenswerte Details und Hintergrundinfos zur Kapitalrunde von Catch of the Day:


"The investment consortium plans to spend $80m to take a 40 per cent stake in CatchOfTheDay, which will support the group's expansion in the high-growth daily deals sector, including the introduction of more specialised offerings and mobile phone applications."

Wie kam es zur Finanzierung, die die Gründer zwar nie ausgeschlossen, aber auch nicht aktiv angestrebt haben, da sich Catch of the Day von Beginn an selbst getragen hat?

"We met a lot of people willing to give us money but we told them that, apart from money, there was nothing else they could add to us. We know how to execute. The business is profitable and has been from day one," he says.

"We needed someone that could really hold our hand, open doors, etc. With the consortium that has been built, we are very excited."

In the next two months, the group will launch a new grocery site called to go head to head with the major supermarket chains.

Die Gründer haben die Angaben im Artikel zum Investmentvolumen, etc. gegenüber Exciting Commerce bestätigt.

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