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Wo gehts lang im E-Commerce? Wie gewohnt haben die Jungs von Lightspeed Ventures (u.a. LivingSocial, Shoedazzle, Bonobos) mit den spannendsten Ausblick auf den (Online-)Handel von morgen ("Commerce in the Time of Social"):

"The fabric that underlies the social Internet is essentially a new web where people are the nodes, connected through a social graph. This ubiquitous people to people connection with real identities has significant implications for commerce and how we transact in the real world.

The reduction in information asymmetry in the marketplace and the ability to mobilize people, through the social graph messaging and data, have the potential to unleash peer to peer commerce in a way we have never seen before.

The Rediscovery of Direct Selling Businesses

Everyone has heard stories of Tupperware parties where a group of people gathered in someone’s home for product demonstration, buying and socializing.


The social media is giving a new boost to this old business model by enabling the entrepreneurial hosts to invite friends and friends of friends, and gather offline to socialize and transact, using online tools such as Facebook and Twitter.

The online and offline recommendation, feedback and validation reduce the social approval anxiety and the friction in the buying decision.

The social graph-enabled direct selling business model is especially interesting for highly demonstrable products such as handbags, jewelries, shoes, home accessories, etc. These products tend to be discretionary and highly correlated with emotions, impulsive buying and discovery orientation.

The innovators in this space would foster entrepreneurship by enabling individuals to participate in the value creation and get the rewards."

Shoppingparties und die Renaissance des Direktvertriebs. Auch wir erwarten hier getrieben durch das Social Web eine Fülle neuer Geschäftsmodelle ("Wer testet den Online-Markt für Shoppingparties?").

Hier gehts zum kompletten Beitrag von Lightspeed und zu ihren weiteren Einschätzungen für den E-Commerce ("Putting fun into ecommerce")

Das Foto stammt von der Shopping Party Session bei den Live Shopping Days 2011

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  1. Danke fĂĽr den guten Link zum Komplettbericht.

  2. Interessanter Bericht danke dafĂĽr

  3. Ich kann mir auch vorstellen, dass Direct Selling dank der neuen Social Media interessante Perspektiven hat. manomama.de geht in diese Richtung, es gibt auch Modelle aus dem Schokoladen-Vertrieb. Von Beate Uhses Parties mal zu schweigen :-)

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