M-Commerce: Was sich Zalando von Apple TV verspricht

Seit November hat dann auch Apples App-Store eine dedizierte Shoppingkategorie. Einschätzungen dazu gab es diese Woche von Zalando Mobile, zusammen mit den jüngsten Ankündigungen zu Apple TV (“How far will Apps take the shopping experience?”):


“Apps have earned their place amongst the smartphone-savvy, but Monday’s Apple announcement signaled a new found importance in the way consumers will interact with apps in the future.

The recently unveiled Apple TV upgrade will allow customers to control their apps in new ways, which begs the question of where our Fashion Store app fits into the equation.

We believe that shopping through your TV may soon become the norm, but the gravity of mobile’s effect on the market shouldn’t be sidestepped just yet.

Apple added a dedicated Shopping category to the App store in November 2015, which includes apps for mobile banking and coupons. Apps that support Apple Pay are also included.

This is a significant change, moving shopping apps out of the Lifestyle section and placing m-commerce in the spotlight.

What’s important to note here is that this new category doesn’t merely contain apps where you can shop, but also features apps where customers can follow the latest trends, find influential content and product reviews, and be inspired to discover to new brands.

This singular category’s concept is exactly what we aim to deliver with our Zalando Fashion Store app, where the customer’s needs and desires are our top priority.”

Bei Zalando muss man inzwischen unterscheiden zwischen dem Zalando Mobile Team, das sich um die Zalando Mobile Strategie kümmert, und den Innovationsteams, die neue Fashion-Apps wie Fleek (“Was Zalando bei Fleek anders macht als bei Amaze & Co.“), Movmnt (“Zalando enthüllt Movmnt-Strategie auf dem Kapitalmarkttag“) oder Fashionflow entwickeln (“Zalando testet “intelligent shopping assistant”“).

In den letzten Monaten haben wir uns in den Exchanges intensiv mit den mobilen Perspektiven (“Exchanges #121: Mobile 2020“) für den Handel und den technologischen Implikationen (“Exchanges #125: Mobile Shoptech“) auseinandergesetzt.

In den jüngsten Exchanges #131 (“Fleek und die Zalando Mobile Offensive“) reissen wir kurz an, wie Amazon das TV-Thema angeht (“Amazon setzt mit den Style Code Live Shows neue Standards“).

Detaillierter beleuchten wir weiterführende Themen wie diese auch in den Early Moves (“Amazon’s Increasing TV Ambitions”).

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