Rakuten reicht The Grommet weiter an Ace Hardware

Es gab eine Zeit, vor 5 Jahren, da hat sich Rakuten an so ziemlich allem beteiligt, was neu und spannend war im E-Commerce. Doch die Strategie ist nicht aufgegangen, wie so vieles bei Rakuten (“Rakuten wächst auf 104 Mio. € und verliert Deutschlandchef”).

Jetzt hat Rakuten The Grommet (“Rakuten sichert sich die Mehrheit an Daily Grommet”) weitergereicht an Ace Hardware (“Ace Hardware acquires majority stake in e-commerce startup, The Grommet”):

“The Grommet operates an e-commerce website that markets and sells new and innovative products created by independent entrepreneurs, also known as Makers. It has discovered and launched dozens of now household brand names, including FitBit, IdeaPaint, OtterBox, SimpliSafe and SodaStream. To date, The Grommet has launched more than 2,500 innovative consumer products and amassed a community of more than three million early adopters and supporters.”

Grommet-Gründerin Jules Pieri rekapituliert die gemeinsame Zeit mit Rakuten (“Thank you and arigato to Rakuten”):

“When Rakuten invested, I chose them over an American company alternative. I liked what I heard from Mickey and I loved what I saw in their history. It’s one of the best choices I’ve ever made and the Grommet team will forever be the beneficiaries of Rakuten’s love and support.

As these things happen, in the intervening years, Rakuten became even more of a global player with a brand and presence to build in the US. The Grommet, operating as an independent brand, no longer made sense in that equation. So we did what true entrepreneurs do — we figured it out. Together.”

Wir hatten über The Grommet (“Discover what’s next”), damals noch Daily Grommet, in den Anfangsjahren immer wieder berichtet (“Daily Grommet und die weiblichen Perspektiven des Live Shopping”).

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