Amazon Fashion testet Luxury Stores und The Drop

Der Echo Look ist tot, es leben die Luxury Stores. Amazon gibt sich in Sachen Mode noch nicht geschlagen und testet weiter neue Formate (“Amazon Announces New Shopping Experience”):

“Available in the Amazon app by invitation only, Luxury Stores combines the convenience customers have come to know and love from Amazon with innovative technology like “View in 360.”

With collections sold directly from the participating brands as a ‘store within a store’ experience, brands independently make decisions regarding their inventory, selection, and pricing – and Amazon offers the merchandising tools for brands to create and personalize content in each of their unique brand voices.”

Lesenswert ist in dem Zusammenhang auch die aktuelle Selbstdarstellung von Amazon Fashion:

“Amazon Fashion continues to expand its wide selection and create new experiences on behalf of its customers, including Prime exclusive programs like Prime Wardrobe, allowing you try before you buy, and Personal Shopper by Prime Wardrobe, a service that provides style inspiration and curated recommendations.

Amazon Fashion also recently introduced The Drop, an innovative shopping experience that gives customers access to limited-edition street-style collections designed by fashion influencers around the world.

Amazon Fashion aims to reinvent the online fashion shopping experience for everyone and uses technology to serve customers with products and brands that are relevant to them.”

Prime Wardrobe promotet Amazon Fashon inzwischen auch in Deutschland sehr stark. Mit dem Thema Drop haben wir uns intensiv auch in den Exchanges #247 befasst.

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