Shoedazzle bekommt 13 Mio. Dollar von LIghtspeed Ventures

Shoedazzle hat eine Kapitalspritze von 13 Mio. Dollar erhalten. Jeremy Liew von Lightspeed
Venture Partners schreibt ("Why Lightspeed invested in Shoedazzle"):


"Shoedazzle is one of the companies that I was thinking of when I wrote about startups that can quickly get to millions in monthly revenue.

The company is based outside of Silicon Valley (LA) and is definitely built on the back of business model innovation, as are many of the current crop of fast growth companies.

Shoedazzle has a terrific user value proposition. A member first takes a style quiz to assess her taste. Then, on the first of each month, she receives an email with five pairs of shoes that have been specially selected for her.

If she likes one of the pairs, she buys it. If none of them grab her, she can either skip that month, or request a re-selection and give specific guidance as to what she is looking for (e.g. boots, or higher heels, bolder colors).

Women get personal stylist advice and recommendations brought directly to them, helping them to keep abreast of the latest fashion trends."

Die amerikanische Investorenszene is aufgewacht ("Und plötzlich ist im E-Commerce wieder alles möglich"), deshalb bitte unbedingt weiterlesen.

Das kanadische Startup Panty by Post bietet einen ähnlichen Dienst für Damen-Unterwäsche an:

"Customers can order panties individually, or they can sign up for subscriptions lasting two, three, six or 12 months.

A different panty is then sent every month, each wrapped in an attractive mailing package. Pricing ranges from CDN 16 for a single pair to CDN 240 for a year's worth of premium deliveries."

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