Chloe & Isabel über Freud und Leid des Online-Partygeschäfts

“Our online sales are happening through her personal boutique, not on
our website” (Chantel Waterbury, Chloe & Isabel)

Einen ausführlichen Bericht ("Building a Brand through Social Media") mit sehr guten Hintergrundinfos und Einblicken haben die Direct Selling News zum Jahresstart über Chloe & Isabel, das seit November mit einer neuen Version online ist.

Er verdeutlicht, wie Gründerin und Geschäftsführerin Chantel Waterbury das Partygeschäft mit Schmuck und Accessoires für jüngere Frauen attraktiv machen und es mit großem Aufwand ins Web verlängern will ("Creating the Right Platform"):


"After looking at several software options, Waterbury was uninspired.
She says, “I wanted our technology to be our greatest differentiator. If
everyone has the same tools, it just comes down to what products do you
like the most.”

So she began raising investment capital to create her own software
platform. In August 2011 she received $3.25 million in a seed round led
by First Round Capital and Floodgate Fund. Later that year she raised
another $8.5 million.

She’s used investment capital to hire engineers and create selling
approaches that appeal to Generation Y. A lot of selling occurs online,
facilitated by the tools C + I provides.

For example, each merchandiser
receives her own online boutique and can fully personalize it using her
social media images from Instagram. They can share individual products
as well as post photographs of themselves wearing C + I jewelry next to
the product shot to display their own personal styling.

“Our online sales are happening through her personal boutique, not on
our website,” Waterbury says. “In the e-boutiques, you get to see her
curating. You see her favorite pieces and how she styles. Is she a
Chloe—a trendsetter known for her fashion—or an Isabel, classic and
timeless who loves the quality of a piece of jewelry?"

Einen guten Eindruck vom Geschäft und der Website vermittelt auch dieses (Promo-)Video.

The Opportunity from Chloe + Isabel on Vimeo.

"Wie lassen sich Frauen besser für E-Commerce begeistern?", Freud und Leid des Partygeschäfts und die Zukunft der Shoppingsysteme – das werden auch drei große Themen bei der Exceed Expectations 2013 im März in Berlin sein, u.a. mit Stylight, Pippa & Jean, Yatego-CTO Lars Jankowfsky und Commercetools-Gründer Dirk Hörig.

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