Shopbörse: Otto übernimmt Venus Swimwear in den USA

Die Otto-Tochter Bon Prix hat in den USA Venus Swimwear übernommen.

Der Bademoden-Versand, zu dem auch WinterSilks gehört, zählt mit rund 100 Mio. Dollar Umsatz (s. Unternehmensinformation) zu den Top 200 Online-Shops in den USA, hatte zuletzt allerdings finanzielle Schwierigkeiten:

"Bon Prix’s purchase of Venus is limited to select portions of the
company and will not include existing debt obligations, said Jack
Meeks, the court appointed receiver. 


The inventory, the intellectual property
and the operating assets are among the pieces to be purchased, while
the retail stores and their inventory, along with the corporate
headquarters in Jacksonville, will not be a part of the acquisition.

However, there is a deal in the works for Bon Prix to lease the
building from Venus, Meeks said today." 

Zuletzt gehörte der Venus-Versand der Investmentgesellschaft Golden Gate Capital

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