Little Black Bag holt sich $8 Mio. für Überraschungsmomente

Little Black Bag, kürzlich schon ganz oben auf unserer dotCommerce-Liste der bemerkenswerten Startups, hat sich weitere 8 Mio. Dollar für Überraschungsmomente im E-Commerce geholt (via via):


"Little Black Bag (LBB), a six month old social commerce site that offers a personalized collection of brand name women’s merchandise, today announced an $8 million Series B funding round led by GRP Partners, with participation from DCM. This brings the total funding raised to date to $10.75 million.

Launched in early 2012, Little Black Bag offers shoppers an entirely new online shopping experience, inspired by the Japanese “fukubukuro,” or lucky bag sale concept.

On LBB, customers buy a personalized mystery bag filled with women’s fashion products and then trade the items with others – all online.

The fun and excitement of the trading experience is electric and unique; LBB has pioneered an entirely new way to shop online. “Little Black Bag has built a social network built around shopping.

The engagement metrics, social interactions and traffic patterns are unlike any eCommerce company I’ve seen,” said Mark Suster, partner at GRP Partners."

Das Thema "Überraschungen" hatten wir u.a. bei den Live Shopping Days 2010 als Zukunftsthema auf der Agenda ("The Hipstery and the Rise of Mystery").

Zum Teil wird es inzwischen von Birchbox und den Beauty-Pröbchen-Versendern abgedeckt.

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