AO will von £599 Mio. (+26%) auf über £720 Mio. wachsen

AO, der britische Versender für Haushaltsgeräte, hat heute die Jahresergebnisse für 2015/16 veröffentlicht (PDF). Von den 599 Mio. Euro Pfund wurden 40,7 Mio. Euro Pfund (55,6 Mio. Euro) in Deutschland erzielt:


„Total revenue for the period increased by 25.7% to £599.2m (2015: £476.7m) as UK growth continued and the German business gained traction with customers.

AO website sales for the UK up 27.7% to £487.1m (2015: £381.5m), with total UK revenue up 18.6% to £558.5m (2015: £470.8m); a further gain in market share.

Europe revenue for the year was £40.7m/€55.6m (2015: £5.9m/€7.7m).

Group operating loss of £10.6m (2015: £2.2m) as previously guided reflecting investment and trading losses incurred in Germany and start-up costs in other European territories of £2.3m (2015: £4.3m).

UK Adjusted EBITDA of £17.2m (2015: £16.5m), with UK Adjusted EBITDA margin of 3.1% (2015: 3.5%) due to investment in marketing to increase brand awareness and investment in overheads to drive further margin growth in the medium term.

Europe Adjusted EBITDA losses of £21.1m (2015: £8.0m) representing trading losses in our European territories from launch bringing Group Adjusted EBITDA losses to £3.9m (2015: £8.5m EBITDA).

The Group was profitable on an Adjusted EBITDA basis in the second half of the year.“

Im Ausblick heißt es:

„In the UK our expectations for revenue for the current financial year are between £630m to £650m and we expect Adjusted EBITDA to be slightly ahead of current consensus, in the range of £21m – £25m.

In Europe (Germany and the Netherlands) we will focus on driving efficiencies until our new regional distribution centre in Bergheim is fully operational (expected Autumn 2016), as we guided in our pre-close announcement.

We expect European revenue to be in the range of €90m – €110m and Adjusted EBITDA losses to be between €26m and €30m for the year.“

Mehr auf der Website

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