Wie aus Alipay das nächste AliExpress werden soll

Wird AliExpress zum Einfallstor für Alibaba – oder eher Alipay? – Im Vorfeld eines möglichen Börsengangs gab es unlängst nochmal ein bisschen mehr zu den Ambitionen von Alipay:

“Hu wants users to think of Alipay not as a niche provider of financial services and the payments gateway for the world’s biggest e-commerce platform, but as the go-to app for a wide array of needs from groceries to wealth management, and hotel booking to loan applications.

Ant currently has about 600 million monthly users for its 2 million mini programs after two years. Hu didn’t provide a forecast for its expansion.

For the first time, the app has elevated local neighborhood services to the same level as its finance vertical. Its moved services such as Ele.me and Fliggy, Alibaba’s food delivery and travel units, to Alipay’s front page.

Alipay will also enhance the importance of its search function, so people can find the mini programs of local services more easily, Hu said.”

So war Alipay kürzlich auch bei Klarna eingestiegen, dessen Ambitionen ebenfalls nicht zu unterschätzen sind (“Smoooth App: Wie sich Klarna die Shoppingzukunft vorstellt”).

Mehr zu den Potenzialen im Mobile Payment auch in den Exchanges #245:

Alibaba ist mit Alipay in den GLORE50 vertreten ebenso wie Tencent mit WeChat Pay.

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