Ehemalige Ebay-Verantwortliche zu Gefängnisstrafen verurteilt

Wir hatten beschrieben, wie Ebay-Verantwortliche in den USA eine unliebsame Journalistin terrorisiert haben. Diese Woche sind in diesem Fall zwei weitere ehemalige Ebay-Verantwortliche zu mehrjährigen Gefängnisstrafen verurteilt worden (via):

“The former Senior Director of Safety & Security at eBay, Inc. and the company’s former Director of Global Resiliency were sentenced to prison today for their roles in a cyberstalking campaign targeting the editor and publisher of a newsletter that eBay executives viewed as critical of the company.

James Baugh, 47, of San Jose, Calif., was sentenced by U.S. District Court Judge Patti B.  Saris to 57 months in prison and two years of supervised release. Baugh was also ordered to pay a fine of $40,000. David Harville, 50, of Las Vegas, Nev., was sentenced to two years in prison and two years of supervised release. Harville was also ordered to pay a fine of $20,000.

Between approximately Aug. 5, 2019 and Sept. 6, 2019, Harville, Baugh and their co-conspirators at eBay agreed to engage in a harassment campaign targeting a husband and wife in Natick, Mass. for their roles in publishing a newsletter that reported on issues of interest to eBay sellers.

Senior executives at eBay were frustrated with the newsletter’s tone and content as well as the substance of comments posted beneath the newsletter’s articles. The harassment campaign arose from communications between those senior executives and Baugh, who was eBay’s senior security employee.

The defendants and their co-conspirators executed a three-part harassment campaign intended to intimidate the victims and to influence their reporting about eBay. The campaign included sending anonymous and disturbing deliveries to the victims’ home; sending private Twitter messages and public tweets criticizing the newsletter’s content; threats to visit the victims in Natick; and traveling to Natick to surveil the victims and installing a GPS tracking device on their car.”

Ecommercebytes-Herausgeberin Ina Steiner merkte vor der Urteilsverkündung zurecht an, wie wenig in der Berichterstattung die Verantwortung der damaligen Ebay-Führung thematisiert wird:

“It’s been particularly difficult to watch others write about the case and fail to address corporate responsibility.

Last year David and I brought a civil RICO case against those we believe were responsible for the criminal campaign, including former eBay CEO Devin Wenig, CCO Steve Wymer, and eBay itself.

While it was a difficult decision, we firmly believe it was the right thing to do.”

Das Ebay-Management ist seit Jahren wegen der miserablen Performance unter Druck:

Hier eine Zusammenfassung der Ereignisse auf deutsch.

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