Live Shopping: Twitter verrrät Details zum Earlybird-Programm

Twitter hat heute einige Details zu den geplanten Earlybird-Aktionen veröffentlicht, die so ziemlich alles abdecken, was derzeit im Live Shopping Bereich angesagt ist:

"What is @earlybird?

Twitter @earlybird Exclusive Offers are special time-bound deals,
sneak-peeks, and events that are promoted by the official Twitter
@earlybird account.

Is there a catch?

Given the name and nature of the account, it won't surprise you that
offers are always time-sensitive and sometimes supply-sensitive, so they
may run out quickly.

Will these deals be targeted toward Twitter's many users outside the
United States?

At first, many of the advertising partners will be large,
international brands or focused on the U.S. market. As @earlybird grows
beyond this first early phase, so will the deals in different places.

Will I ever be able to see local deals in my area, let's say New
York or Chicago?

We're starting with US-wide offers but will explore location-based
deals in the future.

What if I'm only interested in offers for a specific category, let's
say fashion or music?

We're thinking about you, too."

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