Wie improvisiert Amazon Prime Now an den Start gebracht hat

Den Schnellstart von Prime Now Ende 2014 in Manhatten konnte man quasi live verfolgen (“Prime Now: Was Amazon mit seiner New Yorker Top-Immobilie vorhat“). Wie improvisiert Amazon dabei vorgegangen ist, erläutert Jeff Bezos in seinem jüngsten Brief an die Aktionäre:


“Prime Now was launched only 111 days after it was dreamed up.

In that time, a small team built a customer-facing app, secured a location for an urban warehouse, determined which 25,000 items to sell, got those items stocked, recruited and on-boarded new staff, tested, iterated, designed new software for internal use – both a warehouse management system and a driver-facing app – and launched in time for the holidays.

Today, just 15 months after that first city launch, Prime Now is serving members in more than 30 cities around the world.”

Damit ist auch klar, warum Prime Now nach dem schnellen Start als App in den USA erst jetzt in das reguläre Amazon Web-Angebot integriert wird (“Amazon Plans Big Push to Expand Prime Now Fast Delivery“):

“Amazon is trying to sell advertising space to major brands for the Web launch, promising them visibility with tens of millions of Amazon shoppers.

The premium “Launch Hero Package” would cost $500,000 for about two weeks of placement on Amazon’s website associated with the rollout.

That price includes e-mail promotions sent to Amazon customers, which Amazon said have a stand-alone value of $100,000, according to the documents reviewed by Bloomberg.”

Nach den Expresslieferungen am selben Tag (“Amazon startet Gratislieferung am selben Tag in 14 Städten“) soll das Prime Now Expressprogramm im Mai auch hierzulande starten – in einer ehemaligen Promarkt-Filiale am Berliner Ku’damm.

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