Le New Black: Wenn Zalando in den Großhandel einsteigt

Im Vorfeld seiner ersten Bread & Butter hat sich Zalando kürzlich Anteile an Le New Black gesichert (“Le New Black opens up its capital to Zalando”):


“European leader in B2B fashion e-commerce, Le New Black, has received financial investment from Zalando, Europe’s leading online fashion platform, to further leverage market opportunities.

Since its foundation 2009, Le New Black has been a pioneer in the digitalization of B2B buying systems in the industry. The Berlin-based Zalando holds a minority stake within Le New Black capital, led by its double expertise in fashion and web, its product, and its growth potential in an expanding market.

The financial support allows Le New Black to reinforce its service to brands, agencies, and retailers.

“The investment gives us the opportunity to reach the next strategic milestone: Gathering the main market players of the value chain in order to offer the most comprehensive B2B e-commerce tool”, said Co-founder and President Vidya Narine. Le New Black continues to develop its activity as an independent structur under current management.”

Le New Black wollte sein Handelsvolumen von 25 Mio. Euro (2014) auf 100 Mio. Euro im vergangenen Jahr steigern (“The reasons for B2B online marketplaces’ upswing”). Zum Businessmodell heißt es:


“The business model is very simple – brands rent an online showroom space for a year. Pricing depends on the size of the brand – from very small brands at 2800 Euro to more established brands at 6000 Euro for a year.

For example, more established brands work with agents all around the world so their agents have access to view orders and live statistics. Their buyers can see the collection in the price list matching with their territories.”

Siehe auch Zalando steigt bei Le New Black ein und Zalando BS: Wie Zalando Geld mit Marken machen will

Beteiligt hatte sich Zalando zuletzt bereits an Tradebyte (“Debatte: Wie gut oder schlecht ist Zalando für Tradebyte?”), an Nugg.ad (“Zalando will Nugg.ad kaufen – für die Werbevermarktung”), an Anatwine (“Zalando steigt mit 20% bei Anatwine ein – zur Anbindung von Marken”), an Metrigo (“Als Otto erkennen musste, dass sich Zalando Metrigo geschnappt hat”) und an der Bread & Butter (“Zalando übernimmt die Bread & Butter – für Mega-Events”).

Im Mobile-Bereich hatte Zalando zuletzt Amaze übernommen.

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