Farfetch nimmt vor IPO Conde Nast mit Style.com an Bord

Farfetch, einer der heißen Börsenkandidaten des Jahres, holt nach der Net-a-Porter-Gründerin auch Conde Nast (Vogue, Vanity Fair, etc.) mit Style.com an Bord (“The End of Style.com: Condé Nast Inks New Partnership with Farfetch”):

“Three and a half years ago Condé Nast started Style.com with the aim of creating a worldwide e-commerce business. Style.com has attracted some 300 brands while operating in a very tough, competitive marketplace.

Sadly, the results of the business have fallen very far short of where we hoped they would be. Accordingly, we at Condé Nast have evaluated the future of Style.com and decided to make the strategic decision to cease all business operations and to sell certain assets of Style.com to one of the leading business players, Farfetch, with whom our parent company Advance already has an association.

Among other things, Farfetch will purchase the Style.com trademark, the inventory of merchandise and customer database and absorb it into its ongoing business. Condé Nast will also have an ongoing business collaboration with Farfetch.”

Conde Nast ist schon seit längerem an Farfetch beteiligt. Mehr zum Debakel mit Style.com auch in der New York Times (“Condé Nast Closes Style.com Months After Its Debut”). Hier die zugehörige Pressemitteilung

Siehe dazu auch, was Marken wie Louis Vuitton dem entgegensetzen wollen (“24 Sèvres legt los: LVMH eröffnet seine eLuxury-Welt 2017”).

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