4 Jahre Catch of the Day: Kunden kommen alle 1 bis 2 Tage

Australiens Live Shopping Phänomen Catch of the Day feierte kürzlich seinen 4. Geburtstag:

"Four years ago we set out on a mission, to offer up unbelievable bargains in every possible category, to give Australians of all walks of life a reason to visit our site once per day. 2010 saw us grow towards that goal faster than any previous year.


We ventured in a big way into new territories such as apparel, groceries, footwear, sunglasses, jewellery and hardware. Expect to see much more including sporting, gardening, furniture, watches and hopefully automobiles."

Und wie immer zu solchen Anlässen gibts imposante Zahlen:

  • Largest single day revenue: $1.54 Million Samsung LCD TVs
  • Largest one hour revenue: $1.1 Million Samsung LCD TVs
  • Largest quantity of items sold in one month: 179780 September 2010. That means on average every 14 seconds someone in Australia is catching an item at CatchOfTheDay.
  • Largest amount of items sold in a day: 49380 from the October 2010 Grocery Run. That’s an item every 2 seconds.
  • Largest quantity of items sold in one hour – 12540 sold during the “Get out of here” sale
  • Best selling item of all time: Bosston power board – over 60000 sold
  • On average catch members visit the site between 4-7 times per week, massive loyalty!
  • 25% of our members have bought more than 22 items each.

Mehr im Catch of the Day Blog.

Catch of the Day ist das perfekte Beispiel dafür, dass Live Shopping abhebt, wenn man es ganz oder gar nicht angeht. Im Sommer hat Amazon den internationalen Vorreiter Woot! komplett übernommen

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