ShowroomPrivé schnappt sich The Bradery für die Jüngeren

ShowroomPrivé hat diese Woche die Übernahme von The Bradery bekanntgegeben, mit dem es sich auch im Premiumsegment positionieren will (PDF):

“Showroomprivé has reached an agreement to make a majority investment (51%) in The Bradery with the option of acquiring the remaining 49% by 2026. This acquisition is fully financed with the Showroomprivé’s cash on hand.

Since its inception three years ago, The Bradery has made remarkable inroads in its sector, already achieving nearly €30 million in GMV and recording a very strong growth year-on-year for Q1 2022 despite the challenging market environment.

With an average basket size close to €100, The Bradery has established itself as a key player in the premium flash sales market. With the aim of doubling its GMV within three years, the transaction is expected to be accretive by 2024. The Bradery will continue to develop under its own brand name, with its current management team.

This strategic acquisition directly complements Showroomprivé’s core business, strengthening the Group’s position among a younger – and highly sought-after – customer base and accelerating its shift towards premiumisation.

The Group is thus consolidating its strategy of becoming the Go-to platform for smart shopping by bringing together platforms with complementary positioning: Showroomprivé.com as a generalist player, Beauté Privée as a specialist in the promising beauty segment, and The Bradery in the fast-growing millennials and premium fashion segment.”

Obs hilft? ShowroomPrivé ist nach einem steilen Aufstieg in den letzten 5 Jahren kaum noch voran gekommen, lag 2021 bei Umsätzen von 724 Mio. Euro und einem GMV von 992 Mio. Euro jeweils knapp über Vorjahr und hat inzwischen das komplette Management ausgetauscht (PDF).

Hier die Präsentation für 2020 (PDF) und die jüngste Präsentation (PDF).

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  1. Brands4Friends ist 2020 geschrumpft auf nur noch 68 Mio. € – Exciting Commerce

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