Asos will sich 500 Mio. Pfund an frischem Kapital besorgen

Asos stand diese Woche im Fokus (“Asos rechnet nach Topshop-Übernahme mit £4 Mrd. (+24%)”). Passend dazu kommt die Meldung, dass sich Asos jetzt weitere 500 Mio. Pfund an frischem Kapital besorgen will (PDF-Quelle):

“ASOS announces the pricing and final terms of an offering of £500 million of senior unsecured guaranteed convertible bonds due 2026.

The net proceeds will provide ASOS with additional flexibility to continue to invest behind its global growth strategy, as well as refinancing the acquisition of Topshop brands completed in February 2021.

The Bonds will be issued at par and will carry a coupon of 0.75% per annum payable semi-annually in arrear in equal instalments on 16 April and 16 October in each year.

The Bonds will be convertible into preference shares of the Issuer which will be exchanged for ordinary shares of the Company. The initial conversion price is set at a premium of 47.5% above the reference share price of £54.00 which is equal to the placement price of a Share in the Concurrent Delta Placement.

The Shares underlying the Bonds represent 6.3% of the total number of the Company’s issued and outstanding Shares immediately prior to the Offering, subject to potential adjustments to the conversion price.”

Vergleiche dazu auch die Cashposition von Zalando (PDF), das seine Rücklagen 2020 auf 2,6 Mrd. Euro steigern konnte (siehe auch Zalando platziert doch noch Anleihen im Wert von 1 Mrd. €):

Asos und Zalando sind beide in den GLORE50 vertreten.

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