Etsy stößt Elo7 in Brasilien nach 2 Jahren schon wieder ab

Nicht nur Shopify hatte zuletzt ein paar Fehlkäufe gemacht. Auch Etsy stößt jetzt seine brasilianische Tochter Elo7 schon wieder ab, nachdem diese unter den Erwartungen geblieben ist:

“On July 17, 2023, Etsy entered into a quota purchase agreement to sell the parent holding company of Elo7, our Brazil-based marketplace for handmade and unique items, to Enjoei S.A., a corporation in Brazil.

Although the Elo7 team has worked very hard to build a beloved marketplace and vibrant community in Brazil, we have not seen the performance we had anticipated when we made this acquisition two years ago, in part due to the macroeconomic environment.

Following the close of the transaction, anticipated in the third quarter, Etsy’s House of Brands will include the three scaled, global marketplaces Etsy, Reverb, and Depop.”

Etsy hatte Elo7 vor zwei Jahren in der Wachstumseuphorie für 217 Mio. Dollar übernommen.

Enjoei, das wie Etsy ebenfalls börsennotiert ist, schreibt zur Übernahme von Elo7 (PDF):

“Elo7 is the largest platform for handmade products in Brazil and its operations represent relevant volume of sales and an active user base, with GMV (gross merchandise value) of approximately BRL 500 million in 2022, as well as 3.6 million transactions, 1.6 million active buyers, and more than 50 thousand active professional sellers.

The Company clarifies that the completion of the Transaction is not subject to approval or confirmation by the Company’s general shareholders’ meeting, as the acquisition price to be paid for control of Elo7 Group does not exceed any of the criteria established in Article 256 of the Brazilian Corporation Law.”

Wer sich für Enjoei interessiert, findet die Präsentationsunterlagen für 2022 hier (PDF).

Etsy ist in den GLORE50 vertreten.

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