Softbank steigt komplett bei THG (The Hut Group) aus

Nachdem bereits der Milliardendeal rund um die Techplattform THG Ingenuity geplatzt ist, will Softbank jetzt komplett bei THG aussteigen:

THG […] has today been informed that Softbank has agreed to sell […] its entire shareholding in THG, to each of Qatar Holding, LLC (“QIA”) and Matthew Moulding (through FIC Shareco) in the following proportions: 67,801,285 to QIA and 12,820,512 to FIC Shareco.

The Relevant Shares are to be sold at a price of 39 pence per share and settlement of the sale is expected to take place on 20 October 2022 […].

QIA is an existing shareholder, having cornerstoned THG’s initial public offering in September 2020, with deep expertise in retail, consumer and technology and a focus on growth opportunities which have a positive impact.

This acquisition by FIC Shareco on behalf of Matthew Moulding further evidences his commitment to the Group and its strategy, and is his fourth investment in THG since IPO, with over £38m invested in August 2021, July 2022 and October 2022.”

Auch THG hatte zuletzt seine Umsatzerwartungen reduziert und rechnet jetzt für 2022 mit knapp 2,5 Mrd. Pfund. Auch das ist allerdings noch mehr als doppelt soviel wie vor Corona.

Spannend bleibts im Beauty-Segment auch bei Douglas und Flaconi, die im Gegensatz zu THG beide den Börsengang verpasst haben.

THG ist in den GLORE50 vertreten.

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