Nach Rewe bei Flink will jetzt Carrefour bei Cajoo einsteigen

Was ist denn bei den Lebensmittelhändlern los, die doch sonst immer so zögerlich und skeptisch sind, wenn es um neue Entwicklungen im Online-Handel geht? Denn nach Rewe bei Flink will jetzt in Frankreich Carrefour bei Cajoo einsteigen:

The Carrefour group has entered into exclusive negotiations in order to acquire a minority stake in the startup Cajoo, the French specialist of everyday grocery delivery in under 15 minutes.

Founded in February 2021, Cajoo is the pioneer on the French quick commerce market. Only five months after its launch, it is already operating in ten cities in France and has more than 100,000 users.

With this investment, Carrefour will pursue its ecommerce ambitions while keeping pace with emerging consumer trends. The investment will include an exclusive industrial partnership, focused in particular on replenishment and operational logistics in Cajoo’s dark stores.

This round of funding will enable Cajoo to speed up its development in France and Europe, while leveraging Carrefour’s operational expertise so it can optimise its model and expand its services.

Cajoo hatte zum Start im Februar das erste Kapital von Frst und XAnge bekommen.

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